Tuesday Talk- Babies + Sleep

Today I am linking up with Ashley & Erika for Tuesday Talk, where we can talk about anything & everything. My original plan was to do a Day in the Life post, but I totally forgot to document a day this weekend. I am planning on documenting my day tomorrow and possibly posting it on Thursday- if you're obsessed with Day in the Life posts like me, be sure to check back later this week. Anyway... instead, we are talking babies and sleep. Or in our case, lack of sleep. Ha. If you are a mom and have any opinion on this what so ever, please keep reading and give a first time Mom some advice! I would so appreciate it.

Back when my little sweetie would sleep on me... She doesn't do that anymore!

Ella was a great little sleeper from around 3-6 months. She slept 10-12 hrs straight through the night and we were BLESSED. We still are blessed, but we are also tired. 

#sleepdeprived #moms #supermom #reality

This made me laugh so hard, and is sooo true.

Ella rarely sleeps through the night, often times waking up several times crying. Lately it has been once around 10-11 pm and several times in the early am. She will often soothe herself back to sleep if she finds her pacifier but is awake completely if she wakes up from 4-5 am. I really feel like her pacifier addiction is getting in our way of good sleep, but many websites do NOT list the pacifier as a culprit for early wake ups or poor sleep patterns. Despite feeling so exhausted, once I hear Ella wake up in the early am- 3 am and onward, I cant fall back asleep either. I often go to bed late, as evenings are my only "me" time.

Ella will wake up EARLY and cry hysterically until I go get her. I can tell she is still tired but for some reason she just can't go back to sleep and is SO cranky and acts so upset. I have tried letting her cry it out for 10-15 minutes to see if she soothes herself back to sleep but she struggles and I eventually give in. You guys, I cannot figure this out to save my life. I feel like the second we figure out a schedule, she changes and then I am losing my mind trying to get back on track. I could use and and all advice.  I figured by 11 months, we would have figured this out by now. I haven't, her sleep is getting worse, and I feel pretty lost.

Building a good sleep foundation for Ella is important to me. I had sleep issues as a child and I don't know if it stemmed from poor sleep habits as a baby, but I certainly don't want that for Ella. Getting her on track with her sleep is important to me for HER health, the extra sleep for me would just be a bonus. But I truly worry about her the most.

If you are a Mom and have any advice, I would greatly appreciate it!
Did you do sleep training? If so, what method?
Did your baby suffer from early wake ups? How did you solve it?

Thanks for reading/listening to me vent. I look forward to your advice.


  1. Hi! I found your blog through a Whats Up Wednesday post a few weeks ago and I'm loving it! I'm a mom too to a 20 month old little boy and we had a similar problem with my son around 9-10 months. At that point we hadn't sleep trained yet so that's what we decided to do and it worked for us but was so incredibly hard at first. Have you guys sleep trained yet or are you considering it?

    1. We haven't done any sleep training yet! When she woke up at 4:30 am yesterday I let her cry for 30 minutes and it was the hardest 30 minutes of my life. I honestly don't know if I can handle it! But it would seem based on her patterns that by me going to get her as soon as she wakes up, I have cemented this habit of waking up early for her. So I do think we need to do something. Which method of ST did you do?

  2. I honestly didn't really do any research or anything, I tried staying in his room to get him to go back to sleep, tried going in every X amount of minutes but that made it worse, so we ended up doing the extinction method and honestly he cried for an hour the first night and it was the worst hour ever. I felt so awful but then the next night he literally cried for 10 minutes and went straight to sleep and then every night since hes been going to sleep on his own and when he wakes up, he puts himself back to sleep. I know that this isn't for everyone, I just wanted to share what worked for us. :) For us we felt like it was worth it because he wasn't getting enough sleep (and neither were we!) and we all couldn't function so it felt like a must for us. I hope this helps at least a little bit!

    1. It is so good to hear that from someone else, actually. It is sooo hard! It's been proven that crying it out doesn't hurt them in the long run, but lack of sleep will, so you did the right thing! I am so glad it worked out for you guys. We are definitely going to begin some ST soon if things don't get better!
      Thanks for your input.

  3. GAH I am so with you that it feels like just as we get our babe figured out he goes and changes on us again! Lack of sleep makes everything SO hard! Our little guy is only 7months but we've found that he is super attached to me so the only time I go to get him in the night is when he nurses between 2-3a. Otherwise my husband is the one to go in & can calm him back to sleep in less than 5 minutes, I feel bad making my husband do it but if I am the one to go in then babe will cry & wake up as soon as I set him down or leave the room. Then throw teething or illness in the mix and it is game over, no one gets any sleep!


I appreciate and love all questions and comments!