Friday Favorites

What a fun and busy week! I was off Tuesday but worked the rest of the week, including today from 7-4 :( Tomorrow we have a wedding and Sunday will be our family day! I am already looking forward to both! My list of favorites is short this week.
Fall is here, and that is a FAVORITE. You can read about our family's Fall plans here. We are also loving all the festive clothes this time of year. Ella has a few new pieces for Halloween that she has been rocking already.

Ella and I always consider our morning walks/park trips a favorite. 

Okay, we got these at Costco and that was a great decision! They are so yummy and I like that they are individually wrapped so I can pack one in my lunch easily. I let Ella steal a bite...

And she loved it so much. I had to hide them because she was demanding more!

I made this yummy dish this week, inspired by one of my favorite take out orders. Will share the recipe soon once I perfect it. This particular batch could have been more flavorful.

Someone is standing on her own! She has been standing for a little while but now she is REALLY good at it. She can pull herself into standing position on her own much easier now. My baby is growing so fast.

Costco runs with this girly are my fave. She is so cute in the store, never giving me a hard time. I shared some of the stuff we got on our What's Up Wednesday post, which you can read here.

Okay, Ella playing with/destroying all of my Fall decorations is not my favorite thing. But look how cute/guilty her face is; she knows she is not supposed to be playing with that. I said "no Ella. Book!" And she put the pumpkin candle holder down, and picked up a book on the shelf. I couldn't believe it! She is starting to understand words (or it's a total coincidence, but I am going to go with the first thing.) If you want to see my attempt at Fall decorating in our apartment with our now toddler, click here.

And that's all for now. Have a great weekend, we'll see you Monday.

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