Birthday Gift Ideas

With Ella's birthday right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some of my birthday gift ideas for her. We are probably only going to get her 1 or 2 things, especially since Christmas is coming quickly. But I still thought it would be fun to look and share some of the fun things I found! 

This wooden dress up set is so cute, and something I think Ella will really like in the next year or so. She loves playing with her Melissa and Doug magnetic tree, so I think she'll love something like this.

The mermaid themed dress up set is even cuter! 
SPISIG Play kitchen with curtains IKEA
This play kitchen from Ikea is sooo cute and only $50. A play kitchen is a bit advanced for a one year old, but I think Ella would like opening and closing the doors.

Target sells this really cute one from Melissa and Doug that I love also. It would brighten up any play room! 

Some fake food and pots & pans for that kitchen.

A Fisher Price favorite. I remember having this popper when I was young and loving it. It probably drove my parents crazy but it is so fun for kids. I already know Ella would love this.

This book would be perfect for teaching Ella some new words! She likes anything that lights up or makes noise too!

Ella loves pulling stuff out of my purse, I am she would love one of her very own. How cute is this? Her very first purse, my heart!

Ella is obsessed with taking a bath right now, she has SO MUCH FUN. Too much fun. I think she'd love some new little cups to play with in the tub.

These blocks would keep her, or any toddler busy! Blocks are a toy that never get old.

SkyNature Garden House Play Tents, Pretend Play Game Tents with Ball Pit, Pop Up & Collapsible Kids Play Tents for 3-12 Years Old - Girls, Boys, Toddlers & Babies - 43" H x 59" L x 35" W
This play tent is just so darn cute! It has a ball pit area attached, which is just so fun. This would be too big for our apartment, but might be something good for grandma's house. I may look for a used one because I am not sure how long Ella would even play with it for.

A great book for a first birthday! LOVE Dr Seuss.

TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys Baby Educational Wooden Bead Maze Shape Sorter for 1 Year Old Boy and Girl Toddlers Gift Small Size

Ella loves playing with similar toys at the library, and I know an activity cube is great for keeping your little one busy!

I think we will end up getting Ella one of these for her birthday and calling it good for now. I know Ella would love having us push her around town in one of these things!

I love this pink one! I love the cup holders!! 

And if you want to get really fancy, this "Mercedes" push car is only a little more expensive.

Those are some of the fun gift ideas I found. I still have to finish planning her first birthday party, and can't wait to share that with you all!

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