Let's Look- Calendar Edition

Today I am linking up with Erika from A Little Bit of Everything & Shay at Mix and Match Mama in their "Let's Look" link up. Today we are looking at our calendars! That graphic should really say September/October, because I share both calendars with you today.

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, Let’s look at your favorite BINGE SHOWS!

For us, September is less busy than August was. Last month, I filled in quite a bit on my days off, and am thankful that I have my normal work schedule for the month of September. I prefer working 3-4 days a week at least while Ella is still small and wants to hang out with me :D

I keep this large calendar on our fridge, so it's extremely "in your face" and makes it less likely for me to forget things. I think I got it at Target, but I am not 100% sure.

The beginning of the month started with our weekend away in Santa Barbara, which you can read about here or by clicking the pic below. 

As you can see from the rest of our calendar, not a whole lot going on this month, which his just how I like it! I have my usual work schedule written in pink, my planned blog posts in green, and any fun events in light blue or orange. I have a girl's weekend trip planned the weekend of the 21st and the following weekend we have a wedding to attend. Other than that, our month is open for #allthefallactivities.  We have a ton of Fall stuff planned (just no specific dates/times) which you can check out on our first day of Fall post coming on the 23rd. I am looking forward to #alltheFallposts and am REALLY looking forward to the Fall Home Tour posts. I may or may not have already decorated... :) 

And because my September is so boring, I am going to share my October calendar with you as well. This time, my planner! 

My Happy Planner! I have used this planner for the last 3 years. The first time I discovered and used it, I was hooked. I like how it's set up, giving you plenty of space to write AND decorate. You can really make your planner your own.

Sunday is both grocery day, meal prep day and the big laundry day (although Michael does laundry on Thursdays as well.) I try to do all my meal prepping on Sundays and share my meal plan on Mondays. You can check out this week's post here, or by clicking below.

October looks like lots of cleaning teeth, a wedding, Ella's doctor's appointment, Ella's first birthday party, and Halloween. It's going to be an exciting month!  I got my Happy Planner at Michaels, but it is available on Amazon as well. I love the sticker accessories, there are sticker options for everybody! 


My Happy Planner is the best way I can stay organized. I remember when I was pregnant and I would whip it out at appointments and my doctor thought it was hilarious that I didn't just use my phone. I also use my phone, but I like having things written down for me in an organized manner. And I will be honest, decorating my planner is fun for me.

Well, that's what our September/October look like. I am sure we'll have to add to our calendar as things come up, but I like that we don't have TOO much on our plate. We aren't good at being super busy! Thanks for joining us for our let's look calendar edition. We will be back Friday with our Friday Favorites, and check in the rest of the September/October for lots of Fall fun coming your way! 

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While we are looking at calendars and dates, I can't ignore that today is September 11th, a tragic day in our history. I will never forget where I was when I got the news... I was in 5th grade and had just got off the school bus. My Dad was putting the garbage cans away and he asked me if the school told us anything. I told him no, and he brought me inside and showed me the news. It was shocking and devastating, even for a 5th grader. I didn't truly grasp what had happened at that time, but I will still never forget how I felt. Thoughts & prayers to any and all of those affected. xo

Questions for my readers:
1. Do you prefer electronic or paper calendars to organize your life?
2. Do you remember where you were when you heard the tragic news on 9-11?

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