What's Up Wednesday

, What’s Up Wednesday {08.28.19}
We are linking up with fellow bloggers for a What's Up Wednesday post, where we answer a series of questions of what we are up to these days! Join the link up by visiting the bloggers site.  Thank you for hosting the link up!

1. What we’re eating:

 I have no menu planned for this week, which usually doesn't end well for us. My weekend was too busy to meal plan and prep so wish us luck! Here are some goodies I got from Sprouts this week...

I also made it to Costco on Tuesday for some more stuff!

Ella has been very into these fruit & vegetable pouches from Costco. She loves feeding them to herself. I had to buy some more!

2. What I'm reminiscing about:

Our trip to Maine back in July. I miss my family so much, and I wish I could just snap my fingers and be with them whenever I want. It's so hard being away, especially now that we have Ella. These pictures melt my heart. If you want to read about our trip to Maine, you can do that here.

3. What we're loving:

Days off when we play together, and make a mess (as you can see.)

And on work days, morning walks together before I go into the office. This girl's attitude though, LOOK AT HER FACE! 

4. What we've been up to:

I had to work last Friday & Saturday, followed a Bachelorette party for my coworker. It was an absolute blast. Meanwhile Michael had ortho courses all weekend (and today) which means Ella spent lots of time with Grandma this weekend.

Ella is happy to be back with both parents at home. That was only my 2nd time leaving her for a night and I missed her so much.

5. What we're dreading:

I am dreading Ella's 12 month check-up because she has to get more shots. She is so much more aware now and I know she's going to be so upset at me when I have to hold her down. I know they are in her best interest but it still hurts my Momma heart to see her in any kind of pain.

6. What we're working on: 

Planning Ella's 1st Birthday! It's going to be Word Party themed because that is her favorite show. We are going to keep it super simple this year and just do pizza and cake at the park. Several of our friends are going to be busy this year, so it's going to be small but I know Ella will have fun just the same.

7. What I'm excited about: 

We have a wedding this weekend! I am excited to spend time with all of our friends but not excited to leave Ella again! 

8. What we're watching/reading:

Image result for the grinch

SO MUCH Grinch. Ella likes to watch a few minutes every morning with her bottle. It's great because it's one of the few moments she will sit still all day, but I think we need to find a new movie.

I have been reading a light romance beach book which I will share with you at the end of the month. I am trying to read 1-2 books a month. 

9. What we're listening to:

Image result for hollywood's bleeding

I may be a Mom but I still like what I like. I love Post Malone's new album

10. What we're wearing:

It has been super warm still, so lots of shorts and tanks, loose onesies etc. Welcoming Fall with open arms and can't wait for it to cool down a bit. I am excited to wear long pants and layers!

Ella is all ready for Halloween with her cute new outfit from Target.

11. What we're doing this weekend:

We both have Friday off again, so we will definitely spend the day as a family doing something fun. Saturday we have our wedding, so we think we'll have Michael's Mom take Ella for the night again just to make it easy. Sunday I am sure will be a relaxing day at home.

12. What we're looking forward to next month:

So many things! 
Halloween and Fall activities all month long. 
Ella's first birthday! 
Our 8 year anniversary as a couple. 
Our parent's birthdays- my mom and dad, his dad!
October is a good month for us :)

13. What else is new?

Ella is crawling like CRAZY. She can move so much better than she used to. It's so amazing to watch her learn and grow.

Thanks for joining us for Whats Up Wednesday. We'll see you back Friday for our favorite moments of the week! 


  1. Ugh...I'm dreading Ella's 12 month check up with you. Shots are the worst! I'm grateful that my kids are now 2 and 3 and we are done with shots for a while. I am always so anxious on the days that the kids have to get shots!

    1. I look forward to her appointments because I UNLOAD with questions, but dread the shot part haha! I can't imagine having another baby right now. Having two that are 2 and 3 must be a handful! They are so cute!

  2. Omg a word party themed party! How adorable! My son also loves that show.

  3. Love the birthday party theme and keeping it simple! Sending positive vibes for that 12 month appointment though, shots are no fun.

    1. There's a massive part of me that wants to just do a party at home with grandparents and just take her to Disneyland for her birthday. Still thinking about it :P All the party planning is not for me!

  4. My daughter is eight and still hates getting shots and I still hate making her get them. Not as much as I hate the flu though so, in the end it's worth it, but still... :(

    1. It is definitely worth it and in her best interest, that's what I tell myself!


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