Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! It's a cool and crisp 59 degrees this morning and I am loving it! I go into work at 11, so I get to spend this cool morning with my girl. We will definitely be bundling up and heading outside this morning. It feels like FALL! We are linking up with fellow bloggers for their Hello Monday post, and recapping our weekend!

For me, as soon as work ends for the week, my weekend begins. 

Friday night after work we took Ella to happy hour at a local barbecue spot. She was well behaved and Momma got to have a margarita! We enjoyed the fried chicken fries, burnt ends, and nachos.

Saturday started early. Ella was up at 5 (boo) so we spent the morning entertaining her. We left her stroller outside and it had rained (which I was not expecting) and so we couldn't take her for a walk. We dropped her off at Michael's parents around 8:30, so we could spend the morning cleaning the apartment and get ready for our friend's wedding.

I got my hair done at 11. I asked for beachy waves, and I got exactly what I was asking for. The only problem is that my hair does not hold a curl, so by the time the reception started, my hair had already fallen out.

Selfie stick for the win.

It was a fun night out, and the only night we have spent away from Ella while being together. We went back to the hotel for some more fun with our friends and went to bed late.

We woke up early Sunday and couldn't wait to get home to our girl. When we got home, Michael's Mom said Ella was napping. This gave me some time to do some cleaning and organizing.

I found these pajamas tucked away in Ella's closet that I got out at the outlets last weekend. I am mailing them to my sister for my niece Kaylie.

I also tried to clean up the nursery a bit, as Ella had toys and things everywhere.

A nice clean closet too! 

I picked Ella up around 10 and we spent the morning playing and waiting for Michael who had gone to the gym. Once he got home, I wanted to go to the farmer's market for some tacos and possibly visit the pumpkin patch across the street. We did both :) 

Ella thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and the tacos too. Because the weather was so warm, we decided to just stop by the pumpkin patch for a very quick trip. 

Ella was not interested in the petting zoo at all, which is okay, because I'm not a huge fan of petting zoos myself.

Ella was clapping for the carousel next to us.

The sweetest pumpkin at the patch.

Ella went on the train ride, played with some pumpkins and we headed home. We are going to take her again when it's cooler and take her on some more rides and get a funnel cake! After our fun afternoon, Ella crashed and so did we. The rest of our Sunday was very low-key and we have no more pics! 

I hope you and your family had a fun filled weekend and are ready for a good week!

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