Favorite Amazon Finds: Mom Edition

I am sharing some of my favorite products that help me keep my life together as a working Mom! I literally use all of these items almost every single day. They seems so basic, but they really do help me "hold it together."

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

This is the best concealer I have ever used! I have natural dark circles that I have had since I was a kid, and have been told they will probably never go away. I have tried EVERYTHING. At this point in my life, rather than trying to correct them, I focus on covering them instead. This IT Cosmetics concealer goes on extremely thick and I use a small brush to smooth it out and then blend it in using the rest of my make up. I do not think it's a great option if you like to wear concealer alone. It's great if you plan on doing the rest of your face! If you struggle with dark circles, give this a try, I am telling you, it's amazing. 

me & my BIG ideas PLNE-21 The Happy Big 18 Month Planner, Multicolor

Happy Planner Classic Planner Half Sheets - Meal Planning, Budget, Focus and Daily Schedule - 4 Item MAMBI Bundle

The Happy Planner keeps me so organized. It's so thorough and there are a ton of sticker accessories so you can planner just like your Pinterest inspiration! I love my Happy Planner so much! There are styles and sizes out there for everyone. There are also inserts you can buy if you prefer to have larger sections for things like fitness or budgeting. They are super customizable! Check them out

I also found these planner stickers, which aren't made by Happy Planner but they look super cute and are a great deal.

L&N Rainbery Wristlet Bangle Keychain Round Keyring for Women Girls

A keyring seems like such a simple addition to this list, but it really helps me. I have such a bad habit of losing my keys, or fumbling in my purse to find them when I am out and about. I hate that panicky feeling when I think my keys are missing. I now use a ring for my keys and keep it on my wrist when I am out, so I always know where they are. It really gives me peace of mind. This keyring is WAY cuter than mine and I think might go on my Christmas list- it would make a great stocking stuffer!

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom by LashBlast Mascara Black Brown 810.44 oz

I don't always have time to do a full face of make up. In fact, I almost never have time. This tinted lip balm and mascara actually make me feel like I have myself relatively put together, when I in fact, don't at all. Hahaha! When I don't have much time, a little mascara and lip tint are just enough.

I am not sure where I would be without my Ninja coffee maker. When we purchased ours, I was on the hunt for a NICE, higher quality coffee maker that wouldn't break in 6 months. I also wanted one that had different size options as well as the ability to set it the night before and have my coffee brew automatically at a set time. Our Ninja has not let us down, we love it so much! I absolutely love the set timer feature. I set it to brew when I like to wake up and your morning alarm is a little less painful when you can sell the coffee brewing on it's own.

If you have stopped by the blog before, you already know Ella and I take A LOT of walks. When Ella is bored, tired, cranky, or even happy, we take walks! It's the one thing that always calms her and resets her mood. Our Chicco Bravo stroller has been so good to us. We got the Chicco Bravo travel system at Baby's R Us when they were closing when I was pregnant. It was such a great deal and has served us so well. You do not need a fancy 1000$ stroller. I am still on the market for a jogging stroller but this is great for day to day! It folds and unfolds so easily and isn't nearly as heavy and bulky as some of the strollers out there.
Kate Spade New York Leather Cameron Convertible Crossbody Handbag Clutch, Warm Vellum

I knew once I had Ella that the only pure I was going to manage to carry was a crossbody. Having this Kate Spade crossbodyhas been so helpful and made my life so much easier. It's big enough that it fits my absolute essentials. I got mine at the outlet but it's apparently just as as cheap on Amazon. 

Wide Open Designed Baby Diaper Bag, Ticent Multi-Function Travel Backpack Nappy Tote Bags for Mom & Dad, Large Capacity, Black
Ella's diaper bag backpack fits all of our other needs for when we are on the go. I love this diaper bag because it fits SO much in a tiny space, and is pretty stylish for a diaper bag! It has been perfect for us and comes at an amazing price. It's cheaper now than when we bought it and there's a 5% off coupon right now! 

This is the daily logbook we have used with Ella since she was a newborn. It was so helpful at the beginning to make sure Ella was eating enough and wetting enough diapers. I have always kept track of eating and sleeping because it has helped us establish a schedule for Ella. I still love this book, especially for when Michael's Mom is watching her. It just lets me see how her day went and gives me peace of mind. Although, I know Michael's Mom takes the absolute best care of Ella and we are so lucky to have her. If you are a new Mom, or have friends who are, this logbook is great.

I don't use this exact tumbler, but something very similar. It was a Christmas gift from my boss last year and I love it. Any working Mom knows you never get to finish your morning cup of coffee. My to-go cup keeps my drinks warm while I am on-the-go, heading to work or taking Ella for a walk!

Those are some of my favorite Amazon finds as a new Mom!
What are some of yours???

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  1. I love that stroller, and it's similar to what I used when my kids were little. The prices on some strollers now just blow my mind! Hope you have a great week! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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