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Fall is coming!!! Yay! I love Fall sooo much.

Fall is coming, and so is Fall attire! I shared my Pinterest inspired outfits in my Pin It & Spin It post on Wednesday, which you can read here.

Speaking of Fall, I also just shared our Fall Home Tour post yesterday, did you get a chance to read it? It's quick! If not, check it out here.

Fall = Favorite.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but my Vera Bradley grocery bag is one of my favorite things. When I ordered that tote several years back, I ordered it thinking it was a smaller size tote. I got it in the mail and it was HUGE. I decided to start using it for groceries and it is amazing. It holds SO much and is ridiculously durable. In So Cal there's a plastic bag ban, so we have to bring our reusables or pay 10 cents for a bag. On this particular day I bought more groceries than my bag would fit, so I had to buy plastic too. This bag has been my favorite, and I got it on crazy clearance for like $25? Full price it is over $100, which is way too expensive for a grocery bag. So I found this great alternative below.

I found this bag set on amazon that is a similar idea and it is MUCH cheaper. They are floral grocery bags that hold up to 50 lbs and are only $13 for a set of 5. I will definitely be purchasing a few and store them in my car so there's no "forgetting my bag" excuses! 

We go to the park almost every single day, so it's always a favorite of ours. But on this particular day Ella was DYING laughing on the swings. It was so cute. I was pretending to grab her feet saying "I'm gonna get you!" and she loved it.  Watching this girl have fun is my absolute favorite.
We Play Loud is an indoor play area for kids that is fairly close to our home. I used to take the kids that I babysat there, and decided to take Ella for the first time. It was a big hit!


The toddler area is perfect for her, all padded and very safe. Normally a place like this would gross me out with the thought of germs all over, but they spray and wipe the equipment/toys regularly. I saw them come out and wipe/spray several times when we were there.

Ella loves these fruit and vegetable pouches from Costco, and so do we. They taste just like applesauce, but I like that they sneak some veggies in (although Ella loves her plain veggies too-for now.) Ella can now feed these to herself, and likes them on the side with her meals. 

Gerber Lil' Crunchies Baked Whole Grain Corn Snack, Mild Cheddar - 1.48oz - image 1 of 6

You can't tell by her face, but Ella's favorite lately has been these puffs! She will drop EVERYTHING she is doing if I put these in front of her. It's hilarious. She's going to be a junk food addict like me... -_- Oops!

Ella's little crocs are my FAVORITE! How stinking cute is she? They don't match her outfit, AT ALL, and they are the cutest ever. We got them at a consignment store for $7 but Amazon has them on sale right now too! 

That's it for favorites this week. I work today 7-4 and tomorrow, so that is NOT a favorite. Ella is having her 2nd sleepover ever with Michael's Mom Saturday night so I can go to a girl's weekend away. Michael is in class all weekend, so it makes most sense for his Mom just to keep her at her house. I am pretty anxious about leaving her again, but I know she'll be in great hands.

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  1. Oh my heart, Ella in the swing is just the sweetest!! Have a fun girl's weekend away mama, you deserve it! :)


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